You Never Will be able to tell

There are several group trips around. We typically do a couple of or all a group trip four or five instances a week. Something about group rides I have learned is usually that you never will be able to tell who’s likely to show up. Many things influence the turnout, specifically the chance of rain as well as the certainty of strong breeze. But from time to time the superstars align in only such a means that no one can come plan a reliable excuse meant for staying in bed. And so it had been for y Continue reading “You Never Will be able to tell”

Wind and Water and Winter Again

A windy morning on the Lakefront I guess that easy ride I did on Monday morning shouldn’t have been so easy because Tuesday morning was rained out entirely, and while I can pretend that old guys like me need more recovery and skipping days must be good, I know better. The value of recovery days depends heavily on one thing – something from which to recover. Tuesday’s rain, of course, ushered in a cold front and by Wednesday morning the temperature was down to the mid-50s, which is probably more Continue reading “Wind and Water and Winter Again”


My little group of stragglers in the road race, probably starting the second lap It was another long road trip last weekend. This time up to Fayetteville for the University of Arkansas collegiate (and some non-collegiate) races. My sore throat seemed to be on the mend and I wasn’t yet showing signs of pneumonia, so why not drive 10 hours to race in some nice cold, dry air after what was essentially five days off the bike? As fate would have it, we ended up with only one collegiate rider, Gavin, Continue reading “Straggling”

Forced Break and Government Affairs

Monday morning I decided to sleep a little later and skip my usual morning ride. After the long drive back from Auburn and some follow-up uploading of photos and such, I hadn’t gotten to bed until late. The weather was looking to be fine the rest of the week, so I thought there’d be no harm in skipping another day. Well, that was a bit of a mistake I guess. The sore throat started to make itself obvious around noon on Monday and by evening I knew I was in for a few days, at least, of head cold s Continue reading “Forced Break and Government Affairs”

Up in Auburn

It was great to see such large fields at a collegiate race. Last weekend was another road trip, this one to the Auburn University Cycling Weekend race up in, of course, Auburn AL. There were just two Tulane riders for this one, since it was outside of Tulane’s conference (so no points on the line), but the goal for the weekend wasn’t really to score any points. Instead, the goal was for these two guys to accumulate some good experience in larger fields and at the same time tally up some mass-st Continue reading “Up in Auburn”

Aggieland Road Trip

Last weekend I went with the Tulane riders, of which there were only four, over to the Texas A&M “Tunis Roubaix” collegiate omnium. Although the only legitimate reason I had to go was to do the 13+ hours of driving, I was actually looking forward to the trip and hoping to get in a few miles on Saturday while the road races were going on. All week prior to the race the weather forecast had been looking pretty dismal. It wasn’t until Friday that things started to change and the rain chances got bu Continue reading “Aggieland Road Trip”

Red Dirt

There was a big group for the Saturday Giro. It was another week of interrupted training, which is pretty much normal this time of year. I always say that February is actually my worst winter month, and I’m usually right about that. After a decent enough start to the week, Friday morning arrived wet and nasty and I decided it would be a good day to skip my morning ride and set my sights on Saturday instead. By the time I was ready to go to work things looked better, so the commute downtown was Continue reading “Red Dirt”

The Week Before

The Saturday Giro, what there was of it, tip-toeing across the slippery steel atop the Seabrook drawbridge Running a bit behind, writing-wise, but since nothing interesting has happened this week, yet, I’ll write instead about last week. It was the best of weeks. It was the worst of weeks. I swear, I’ve spent more time riding alone lately than I remember doing in a long time. Of course, I don’t remember what I had for breakfast, so perhaps it hasn’t been all that bad. As is typical this time of Continue reading “The Week Before”

The South Wind

Coming over Watchtower Hill on the way to Enon on Sunday The forecast for Saturday morning looked pretty good, relatively speaking. An early morning temperature around 50, warming considerably during the day. I didn’t even bother to check again Saturday morning as I headed out to Starbucks a bit after 6 am to meet the Giro Ride group. Wet streets and rain decimated the Saturday Giro, leaving only 4 of us to do the full route. When I arrived, though, one of the guys immediately commented on th Continue reading “The South Wind”

Spocalypse of ’18

Tuesday morning  And what rough beast, its hour come round at last, Slouches towards New Orleans?  (apologies to W.B. Yeats).  Sunday Giro returning – things split up on the way back The weekend weather had been cold – very cold. Saturday’s Giro Ride turnout could be counted on one hand, and the usual route was discarded because of the 35° air. I ended up riding the lakefront levee with a visitor from New Jersey (I think), so got in 50 miles or so. Sunday, it was even colder, 32°, but Continue reading “Spocalypse of ’18”