River fog for Thursday’s levee ride. “Well, at least I wasn’t expecting to be able to ride this weekend anyway.” The thought first went through my mind on Thursday afternoon. I could already feel the beginnings of the sore throat that, a few hours later, would be a full-fledged head cold. Thursday night I got basically no sleep at all. The only position that was tolerable was sitting. I sucked on whatever zinc lozenges I could find in the house, took pseudoephedrine and naproxen, and hoped for Continue reading “Sidelined”

Another Age Group

An easy group ride out to the Spillway on Friday after Thanksgiving When I rode my very first bike race I was a 17 year-old Junior. My brother and I had ridden from home to City Park for one of the NOBC’s Novice Races. These were 20-mile races around the Roosevelt Mall / Palm Drive loop that would still be an excellent place for a bike race if they would ever re-pave it. I didn’t finish that race because of a piece of Oak branch that got lodged in my derailleur. After that there were many years Continue reading “Another Age Group”

Cold Nose and Long Tights

Riding home from the WeMoRi on the new Marconi bike path Last week was great riding weather until it wasn’t any more, which was basically Sunday, which was also a day on which I didn’t actually ride. I’d been scheduled to officiate the Cyclocross race up in Hattiesburg on Sunday, having successfully managed to avoid having to also officiate the one in Jackson the day before. I should mention that I don’t actually like officiating. In fact, I would be a little Continue reading “Cold Nose and Long Tights”

V2V – Rollin’ on da River

At the New Orleans end of the ride.  The annual 110 mi. Varsity to Varsity ride was yesterday. This ride, now in its 8th year, started as an LSU Cycling ride and in recent years has included a number of Tulane Cycling riders. The route mostly follows the Mississippi River from Varsity Sports in Baton Rouge to Varsity Sports in New Orleans, which is flat and marginally scenic. For some it’s the first century ride, so while the moderate pace and planned stops make it relatively easy for the more Continue reading “V2V – Rollin’ on da River”

No Ride, My Choice

Yeah, I know. It’s all relative. I woke up early this morning, a bit after 5:00, and listened for a moment for the sound of car tires on the streets outside the window. I knew without looking that the streets were wet, but I looked anyway. Picking up the cellphone on the nightstand I pulled up the weather radar which just confirmed what I already knew. The line of very light rain ahead of the next cold front was almost past us on its way east. Outside, it loo Continue reading “No Ride, My Choice”

Sun and Fog

Saturday Giro heading over the Seabrook bridge in the fog. Finally on Sunday we switched back to standard time, which meant it was only a little dark as I rode out to meet the Giro group at Starbucks. The prior day’s Giro had been fairly foggy, but still quite fast, and by Sunday I was starting to feel the effects. I guess we’ll be dealing with morning fog off-and-on for the next month or so depending on the wind direction and speed. This time of year, if the temperature is warm like it’s been, Continue reading “Sun and Fog”

Chilled Out

Wednesday morning cool-down – windy and cooler but not yet “cold.” Last week was my lowest mileage week since I broke my collarbone on a car way back in the Spring. The reasons were numerous – work responsibilities, officiating responsibilities, domestic responsibilities. Somehow these things always seem to come together this time of year, so I guess it was “situation normal.” Most of the weekday rides were largely in the dark, not particularly hard, and not particularly cold. Speaking of cold Continue reading “Chilled Out”

October Transitions

Last week’s rides felt mostly robotic. I guess I’m in a mid-October slump where it’s gotten hard to generate much enthusiasm as things begin to transition into Fall. I didn’t even take may photos, partially because it’s usually too dark to get anything good, and partially because there just wasn’t anything interesting. I always find it hard to push myself very much when I’m riding in the dark. We don’t switch back to regular Continue reading “October Transitions”

A Front

Tuesday morning on the levee, heading back downriver Last week’s weekday morning rides seemed mostly hot and dark and humid. Just the other day I mentioned how surprised I was that, halfway through October, I hadn’t yet pulled out even the arm-warmers. It was hard to get out of bed Tuesday morning. It always is this time of year when 5:30 am may as well be midnight for all the sunlight there is, or isn’t. Although I can’t deny that there’s a certain rush that one feels when riding down quiet s Continue reading “A Front”

Hurricane Hype

The Giro coming back across the still-open Hwy 90 floodgate. It was an emergency, an imminent disaster, the end of life as we know it. At least, that’s what it sounded like on Friday. The mayor put on his disaster costume (as if he was out there filling sandbags himself) and got onto television with his entire entourage behind him – Disaster Response, Sewerage and Water Board, Police Chief, etc., etc. He imposed a city-wide curfew to which I knew nobody would pay the least bit of attention. I h Continue reading “Hurricane Hype”