Warmer, Wetter, Colder

Finally fixing the pot hole that caused the crash back on July 14th. Better late than never, I guess. It’s that time of year. Every morning it’s like a whole new weather adventure. On Wednesday I rode out to meet the WeMoRi in humid 59° air. The streets were still damp, but at least there was no rain around. Based on the forecast, I’d expected it to be dangerously foggy, so despite the warm temperature I’d put on a vest, shoe-covers, and long tights since I Continue reading “Warmer, Wetter, Colder”

Winter Rides

I don’t remember exactly when it was that I started an NOBC Winter Ride Series. It was probably some time around the mid-90s. One of the first web pages and first photos that I put on the NOBC website was for the “virtual training ride” which was one of the early northshore winter rides. I think I took the photos with a Kodak pocket instamatic camera. My rationale for these rides was pretty simple. If you put yourself in charge of a weekly ride series in the m Continue reading “Winter Rides”

Chilled Out, Wimped Out

Oh, so that explains why I was so cold this morning. I made a classic mistake this morning. I think my outdoor thermometer must have been showing a higher temperature than it really was, which was apparently 32°F, otherwise known as freezing. I apparently went out under-dressed for reality. Up on the levee in the dark was just Darren, who was probably wearing half of what I was. Still, I was already chilled and not really looking forward to the ride. We started out side-by-side, but I was ju Continue reading “Chilled Out, Wimped Out”

Cold Snap

It was all over the news. Winter Armageddon was upon us. Lists of school closings were hastily prepared as news outlets promulgated both time-tested and untested strategies to avoid exploding the water pipes. Which faucets to leave open? How much water is “pencil-thin?” Does anyone under the age of 35 know what a pencil is? Granted, the northshore would be getting cold enough, long enough, to burst un-insulated plumbing, what little of it there might be over t Continue reading “Cold Snap”

Winter Comes

Winter comes….. It was almost 8 am when I finally got up and checked the radar. I’d been hearing the water dripping from the broken gutter above the bedroom window for hours, but now it seemed to be slacking off. Outside, the streets were wet but the rain was barely noticeable in the little pools of water in the potholes. The radar was looking surprisingly good, which is to say the rain appeared to be about over. The wind and the temperature, well, those were rapidly going from bad to worse. Continue reading “Winter Comes”

Last Giro of the Year, or Not – Playing it by Ear

Apres-Giro scenery along the lakefront bike path. Too nice to go home yet. What a difference a day makes! Despite the clear sunny sky, yesterday’s ride was rough because of the wind and the cold. This morning, however, the Giro Ride enjoyed much warmer temperatures, barely noticeable wind, and the same clear sky. There was no comparison. I left home in the dark at 6 am with the temperature hovering at 48F. As soon as I stepped out the door I knew I’d end up a Continue reading “Last Giro of the Year, or Not – Playing it by Ear”

The Hardest Rides

Out at the Spillway Sometimes it seems like the hardest rides are the slowest rides. It usually start with a hard time actually getting out the door. Wednesday morning I was determined to make the WeMoRi despite the wet streets and strong wind and cold temperatures that seem to have become normal around here lately. I went out anyway, of course, a little late, of course. I was worried I might miss the group if I went straight to Lakeshore Drive from Wisner Blvd., so I turned onto Robert E. Lee Continue reading “The Hardest Rides”

Holiday at Home

This pretty much sums up the weekday morning rides last week. As predicted, the weekday morning rides the week before Christmas were less than ideal. Tuesday’s long ride turned into a shortened ride with Darren, the only other person who showed up, on a wet and foggy levee bike path. I got home wet and dirty, but was glad I’d taken the old Orbea that eliminated any feelings of guilt when I took it out back and sprayed it down with the garden hose before lubin Continue reading “Holiday at Home”

Crazy Weather

The front of the Giro Ride regrouping after the turnaround on Saturday. The crazy weather continues to interfere with my normally comfortable routine. I know I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s not like I’m in Minneapolis or something where by now I’d probably be riding a pretend bike in a pretend race on a pretend course with other pretend riders while dripping sweat in a basement or garage or something. Looking back, I did at least get out on the road five days last week, which under the circum Continue reading “Crazy Weather”


“Well, Jane, it just goes to show you, it’s always something — if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” -Roseanne Roseannadanna  Things were going along quite nicely until a couple of weeks ago. Sure, the intensity was dropping and the mileage was getting inconsistent, but those are just normal things that happen every year in November and December. Then I came down with a head cold, and then the weather got nasty, and then I had to officiate cyclocross races. In the last couple of weeks I logg Continue reading “Abbreviations”